What drives you?

Join us to shape the future of online gatherings.

Having fun and human social gatherings online used to be a problem. Mibo is here to solve this. We exist to give people the feeling of being together, wherever they may be. To do so we combine the best of video conferencing, social platforms and gaming. 

We're only just getting started. People are already over the moon but we can go much further in creating rich, memorable experiences with others, online. 

If you, like us, believe that gathering remotely should be fun and social, and if you want to join our adventure in making that vision real on a global scale, have a look at our job openings below.


  • 🥰 Work on a product with a mission that makes people truly happy
  • 🧘 A healthy VC-backed company with a strong focus on work-life balance
  • 🕐 Flexibility to organize your own time
  • 💻 Macbook pro (or other fancy gear you need)
  • 🚀 Key position in a growing startup: the sky is the limit
  • 🌍 The option to work anywhere in European/African timezones
  • 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Paid family leave
  • 🎉 Annual company meetup


From left to right: Mathijs, Lynn, Taco, Tim, Benjamin, Tiemo, Sander & Baz

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